Why Was This School Launched?

One of the greatest needs any business owner has is to stand out...to be seen as relevant and necessary to their ideal target audience.

This School is set up to host programmes which empower all types of entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners to maintain their relevance and stamp their mark on a global platform by applying the 3 Ps:

  1. Potential
  2. Discovering the greatness within
  3. perfecting the skills and talents which are inherent within us
  4. identifying the uniqueness these discoveries give us
  5. becoming intentional about these discoveries
  6. Priority
  7. understand what matters most in our lives and our businesses
  8. understand what matters most to our target market
  9. set clear and informed strategies around these discoveries
  10. Potency
  11. Equipped with 1 & 2 you are able to pursue and conquer your challenges
  12. You are empowered to overcome crises of confidence
  13. You are immune to the life's bullies...in particular the bully of other people's opinion
  14. You are empowered to lead, inspire, educate and inform

In short, this school exists to help you to find the uniqueness in you and your business, own it, bottle it and sell it to become a globally sought after expert in your field.

Hi, I’m Bernie Davies!

I would like to share my secrets of success which I have used over and over again without fail. Learn from how I:

  1. Landed Speaking engagements at the United Nations, The Royal Society, London and Excell Arena; not counting the multiple universities, banks and Local Authorities nationally and internationally
  2. Was propelled to the height of my career as a property Lawyer in a Country that first refused me employment because I was "over-qualified"
  3. Trained and worked with the greatest brands for years, teaching them to build their business through relationships
  4. Lost my zest for life due to a personal tragedy and yet pivoted into an award winning restaurateur of the number one chain of Caribbean Restaurants in Wales AND now a multi-award winning serial Entrepreneur
  5. Did it all over again during the 2020 pandemic after forced to pivot from restaurants to becoming once again globally sought after Speaker, Trainer, Master Coach, Bestselling Author, Publisher with multiple government contracts

If you would like to learn how to achieve the same without having thousands of social media followers, this School is for you.


"Bernie gave me really helpful, practical key things I should be focusing on to improve the consistency of my brand and messaging, and to increase industry awareness. Myself and my team have already started implementing these recommendations.

I can't believe that it was possible to receive so many good pointers and carve out a clear path for improving the branding and messaging for my business. Would highly recommend! "

- Babs Jamieson, Award Winning Lawyer

Client Testimonial

"Bernie is a superstar! With her expert training and mentoring I was able to move from a place of discouragement to soar to my strengths, launched my Talk Show as a sought after media personality, won national awards, created history as the first Black Female Chair of a major political party's Ward; all in under 12 months. I am now the first black female Councillor of my Ward. The principles work! "

- CLLR Patience Bentu, Award Winning Media Personality & Entrepreneur

It was a great session, lots of take-aways and a clear direction forward to increase my visibility. Thank you!

- Jamie Phillips, Mindset and Wellbeing Coach

Bernie has been very helpful, guiding me on how to set up my business from scratch, knowing the places to advertise and how to build my company. Bernie has given me ideas for not only now but for the future also. I recommend Bernie at any point in your business life, she knows so much and you can always learn from her. Thanks Bernie!

- Kath Clegg, Certified Hypnotherapist